Traditional methods

Ladderback chairs are designed for their practicality, comfort and longevity. Much like my Grandfather, I have iterated the design to deliver against those core principles whilst creating a more modern take on the classic design.


A key feature that differs from the original ladderbacks, are the curved slats. Each piece is individually steam-bent using jigs that mould each slat perfectly to the contours of your back. The exaggerated curved shape, mirrors the waves of the sea whilst providing you with additional support.  


The verticals are turned whilst still green but the horizontals are dried meaning that once constructed, the chair locks into place, creating a chair that lasts a lifetime without relying on the use of glue. 


Seat Canvas


I consider the age of the tree that is felled, ensuring that every piece of timber is FSC approved. The timber is also all locally sourced in order to support other local businesses whilst reducing my own CO2 footprint.

The seat itself is filled with surplus wool which is a by-product of regular sheep shearing on a local farm. Wool is naturally thermal and waterproof without the need for additional chemicals to be added. 

Each chair is treated with Osmo oil, created using natural oils (sunflower, soya, linseed and thistle oils) before a final application of beeswax, sourced from a local beekeeper.

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